Mining Searches

A Mining Search is an optional conveyancing search designed to find out if there are any past, present or future mining activities in the vicinity of your client’s new property.

There are many areas across England and Wales that could potentially be affected by mining and carry risks. We recommend that properties located in Wales, Cheshire, Cornwall, Bath or the West Midlands, in particular, receive one of our Mining Searches, as these areas are renowned for their past involvement in the mining industry.

What kind of Mining Searches are available?

Mining Searches from The Search Bureau cover various enquiries including Coal and Brine, Tin and Metal, Limestone, and Bath Stone. This is important as different areas in the country will have been exposed to different types of mining.

Our Mining Search reports identify any risks associated with past mining or quarrying activities, and are ideal for land and property purchases. These reports highlight whether or not the property is within an area that is likely to be affected by past, present or future workings.

We recommend Terrafirma Searches

Terrafirma is the UK’s only Local Mining Expert, able to accurately and comprehensively identify and assess the risk to your client’s property or land from past, present and planned mining and mineral extraction across England and Wales.

Official Coal Authority Search & Private Coal Search

We also supply Official Coal Authority Searches and Private Coal Searches. Both of these mining searches will provide the same information, but the difference is that the Private Coal Mining Search is carried out by an experienced search agent and is a cheaper option than an Official Coal Authority Search, which is carried out by The Coal Mining Authority.

Tin Mining Searches

If the prospective property is in an area such as Cornwall, Devon or Somerset, where tin mining was common, you’ll need to get a Tin Mining Search, and even if you live outside these areas, it’s worth checking if there is any past, present or future tin mining which may cause problems like subsidence to your new property.

Our Tin Mining Search Report will identify any local tin mining risks and deliver the information in a straightforward manner, so you can make an informed decision about purchasing the property.

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