Environmental Searches

The Search Bureau is able to offer a full range of Residential & Commercial Environmental Searches as part of our property search offering, which we provide to our clients across England and Wales.

Our Environmental Searches are supplied from the industry’s leading environmental specialists including Groundsure, Landmark (which also includes Argyll and SiteSolutions), and Future Climate Info.

These reports will find out if a property has been built on land that was previously used for industrial or manufacturing purposes, as well as ensuring that there are no traces of heavy metals, toxic waste or radon gas left in the immediate area which may negatively affect the buyer’s property.

Our Environmental Searches have been tailored to the needs of various types of properties and can be processed for clients anywhere across England and Wales. Please see below for a selection of available reports:


  • Groundsure Homebuyers
  • Groundsure Homescreen
  • Groundsure Estate
  • Groundsure Avista
  • Landmark Envirosearch
  • Landmark Homecheck Environmental Search
  • Landmark RiskView Residential
  • Future Climate Info Essential Report
  • Future Climate Info Standard Report
  • Future Climate Info Premium Report


  • Groundsure Screening
  • Groundsure Agriculture
  • Groundsure Review
  • Landmark Sitecheck Assess
  • Landmark Sitecheck Combined
  • Landmark SiteSolutions Combined
  • Future Climate Info Standard Report; and
  • Future Climate Info Premium Report.

If you would like to view a sample of any of the above reports please let us know and we can send one to you for review immediately.

If you require further assistance in selecting the best environmental search products for your clients’ property please contact the knowledgeable team at The Search Bureau.

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