Local Authority Searches

The Search Bureau are able to provide Regulated Local Authority Searches (Personal) and Council Local Authority Searches (Official).

These conveyancing searches are a compulsory requirement from mortgage lenders and can identify a range of issues which may affect your property.

What’s the difference between a Council Local Authority Search and a Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search?

A Council Local Authority Search is carried out and issued by the council. It is otherwise known as an Official Local Authority Search. A Regulated Local Authority Search, otherwise known as a Personal Local Authority Search, is provided by a private search company such as The Search Bureau. The search will contain all the same information as a Council Local Authority Search, but the information is gathered from the relevant council departments by a specialist and highly trained search agent.

The advantage of the Regulated Local Authority Search is that it can often be returned much quicker and at a lower cost whilst providing exactly the same information.

What do the Local Authority Searches include?

Both of our Local Authority Searches consist of three parts. The minimum requirement is LLC1, which provides a list of the relevant entries in the Local Land Charges Register, and the CON29R.The CON29R provides information on past and future planning permissions on the property (this can include granted and refused planning), building control information (building regulations) enforcement notices, nearby road schemes, nearby railways, contaminated land and radon gas.Both the Regulated Local Authority Search (Personal) and Council Local Authority Search (Official) cover a total of 15 topics relating to the safety, quality and status of a property and the land it stands on.

CON29O – Optional Part 2 Questions

In addition, a number of optional questions can be requested with your Local Authority Search. These are known as CON29O.The additional questions in the CON29O include: – road proposals by private bodies, public paths and byways, completion notices, parks and countryside, pipelines, noise abatement, urban development areas, enterprise zones, etc.

A full list of the optional CON29O questions can be seen below:
Q4. Road Proposals by Private Bodies
Q5. Public Paths or Byways
Q6. Advertisements
Q7. Completion Notices
Q8. Park and Countryside
Q9. Pipelines
Q10. Houses In Multiple Occupation
Q11. Noise Abatement
Q12. Urban Development Areas
Q13. Enterprise Zones
Q14. Inner Urban Improvements
Q15. Simplified Planning Zones
Q16. Land Maintenance Notices
Q17. Mineral Consultation Areas
Q18. Hazardous Substance Consultation
Q19. Environment and Pollution Notices
Q20. Flood Safety Notices
Q21. Hedgerow Notices
Q22. Common Registration

If you would like further information about a Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search or Council (Official) Local Authority Search please contact one of the knowledgeable team at The Search Bureau.

For an example of our Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search please download the following PDF sample.

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