The Search Bureau offer the latest and most comprehensive reports

The Search Bureau are able to offer the latest and most comprehensive energy and infrastructure searches to ensure you are able to consider any on-shore energy exploration and production so an informed decision can be made once you are fully aware of all the potential energy and infrastructure issues which may affect the property in question.

These reports are able to show concisely whether any energy and infrastructure projects exist currently, are planned for or are licensed on or in the proximity to the site being investigated, giving your clients peace of mind and ensuring that you are carrying out your due diligence requirements on their behalf to the highest level.

Below is a list of searches available. If you would like to view a sample report or a product information card please ask one of our knowledgeable team.


  • Homebuyers Search
  • Homescreen Search
  • HS2 & Crossrail Search
  • Estate Search
  • Flood Search
  • Planning Search
  • Ground Stability Search
  • Street Talking Search
  • London Underground Search
  • Screening Search
  • Agriculture Search
  • Review Search
  • Japanese Knotweed Search
  • Floodview Search
  • Planview Search


  • Envirosearch Search
  • Homecheck Professional Environmental Search
  • Homecheck Flood Search
  • Plan Search Plus Search
  • Bomb Search
  • Homecheck Ground Stability Search
  • Utility Search
  • Sitecheck Assess Search
  • Sitecheck Combined Search
  • Site Solutions Combined Search
  • Sitecheck Flood Search
  • Sitecheck Planning Search

Future Climate Info Search:

  • The Essential Report
  • The Standard Report

These reports can be processed on other property sizes –

  • < 10 hectares
  • < 0.25 hectares
  • > 0.25 hectares
  • < 30 hectares

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